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Humanitarian and Compassionate

Humanitarian Compassionate Law

Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds (commonly referred to as “H & C”) applications are for people who are not necessarily eligible to apply for any other immigration programs or have lost their status in Canada.

Humanitarian and compassionate grounds only apply to exceptional circumstances and rely heavily on the applicant’s connection to Canada.

Every case is assessed separately and the immigration officer decides if there are any grounds for a case to obtain permanent residency through a humanitarian and compassionate application.

Here are the requirements needed in order to apply under this program:


1. You are not eligible to apply for permanent residence from within Canada under the following classes:

  • Live-in Caregiver

  • Sponsorship of Spouse or Common-Law partner

  • Temporary Resident Permit

  • Convention Refugee and protected person

2. You are currently living in Canada

3. You are not inadmissible to Canada


4. You do not have a negative decision from the Immigration Refugee Board in the last 12 months


The immigration officer will look at the following factors when making a decision on your application:

  • your level of settlement/integration in Canada

  • your general family ties to Canada

  • the best interests of any children involved, and

  • what could happen to you if the request is denied

Still need help?

  • Contact us for more information on humanitarian and compassionate applications.

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