NEWS: Updated occupations list for simplified LMIA / work permit visa.

February 28, 2018

Immigration Quebec has just released their new simplified LMIA occupation list.


Simplified means that the procedures and processing times for you to obtain the work permit visa are reduced in order to facilitate your work permit application. For example, some requirements such as advertising the job for other Canadians are not required in the simplified process.


Starting February 24th, 2018, these new occupations will now benefit from the simplified LMIA treatment: 


NOC 1215 Supervisors, supply chain, tracking and scheduling co-ordination occupations

NOC 6235 Financial sales representatives

NOC 6311 Fast-food supervisor (only this title)

NOC 7315 Aircraft mechanics and aircraft inspectors

NOC 0213 Computer and information systems managers

NOC 0631 Restaurant managers (only this title)



Therefore, here is the fully updated list of occupations and their NOC (National Occupation Code) that currently qualify for the simplified LMIA work permit visa applications:



0111   Financial managers

0124   Advertising, marketing and public relations managers

0213   Computer and information systems managers

0631   Restaurant managers (only this title)

1111   Financial auditors and accountants

1112   Financial and investment analysts

1121   Human resources professionals
1215   Supervisors, supply chain, tracking and scheduling co-ordination occupations

1222   Corporate secretary (only this title)

1241   Administrative assistants

1243   Medical administrative assistants

1311   Accounting technicians and bookkeepers (only this title)

2131   Civil engineers

2132   Mechanical engineers

2146   Aerospace engineers

2147   Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers)

2171   Information systems analysts and consultants

2173   Software engineers and designers

2174   Computer programmers and interactive media developers

2175   Web designers and developers (only this title)

2231   Civil engineering technologists and technicians

2232   Mechanical engineering technologists and technicians

2234   Construction estimators

2253   Drafting technologists and technicians

2281   Computer network technicians

2282   User support technicians

2283   Application and video game tester (only this title)

3012   Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses

3111   Specialist physicians

3112   General practitioners and family physicians

3131   Pharmacists

3141   Audiologists and speech-language pathologists

3142   Physiotherapists

3143   Occupational therapists

3214   Respiratory therapist (only this title)

3215   Medical radiation technologists

3222   Dental hygienists and dental therapists

3233   Licensed practical nurses

4021   College instructors (only this title)

4152   Social workers

4212   Social and community service workers

4214   Early childhood educators (only this title)

4215   Instructors of persons with disabilities

5131   Producers, directors, choreographers and related occupations

5241   Graphic designers and illustrators

6221   Technical sales specialists- wholesale trade

6231   Insurance agents and brokers
6235   Financial sales representatives
6311   Fast-food supervisor (only this title)

6321   Chefs (only this title)

6322   Licensed cooks (only this title)

7231   Machinists and machining and tooling inspectors

7237   Welders and related machine operators

7246   Telecommunications installation and repair workers

7311   Construction millwrights and industrial mechanics (except textile)

7312   Heavy-duty equipment mechanics
7315   Aircraft mechanics and aircraft inspectors

7321   Automotive service technicians, truck and bus mechanics and mechanical repairers

7333   Electrical mechanics


Click on each occupation to see if your job duties and employment requirements match the listed one. 


For more information on simplified work permit applications, you may visit Immigration Quebec's official page.


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