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Express Entry

Express Entry is Canada’s federal skilled worker selection program which has been active since January of 2015. Candidates who apply under the Express Entry program submit an application and wait to be invited to apply for permanent residency. Applicants are required to provide accurate information as well as documented proof to complete the profile.


Express Entry is a selection system for the following economic immigration programs:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Class

  • Federal Skilled Trades Class

  • Canadian Experience Class

In order to be eligible to submit an Express Entry application under the Federal Skilled Worker Class, applicants need these minimum qualifications:

Skilled Work Experience

  • Minimum 1 year of continuous  paid work experience in NOC level 0, A or B jobs

  • Work experience can be part-time or full-time



  • Minimum CLB 7 proficiency in a valid English or French language test



  • Minimum completion of a high school degree that is equivalent to a Canadian high school level


Proof of funds

  • You must show that you have the sufficient funds to be able to settle yourself and your family if applicable once you arrive in Canada

  • You do not need to show proof of funds if you receive a Canadian Job Offer

How we can help

  • Submit at the right time. Candidates from the Express Entry pool are selected  by draw on an average of two times a month. We monitor each draw closely along with the minimum score required to be invited for permanent residency. Since your application is only valid for 1 year, we will help you submit it at the optimal time.

  • Get the full CRS points you deserve You may leave behind some precious CRS points which can make or break your application. We will ensure that you claim the maximum amount of points you deserve.

  • Provide PNP advice. Depending on your occupation, you may also need provincial nominee program advice to guarantee your chances at permanent residency. We also offer advice for Quebec applicants who need to declare their intent to leave the province.

  • Prepare your documents in advance. Obtaining certified or translated documents can take weeks or longer. We will let you know the required documents ahead of time and give you ample time to prepare them.  We will also monitor your application so you don't miss any important deadlines.

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