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Why Hire Us?

1. We are a boutique law firm

We are a boutique law firm which means we don’t operate like the usual corporate style law firm. We are very close to our clients and we know all our cases personally. We treat your application like our own, and since we keep a small client base, we spend more time on each application. We have the experience of a bigger law firm and we collectively made the choice to keep our practice smaller in order to serve our clients better.

2. Our fees are transparent

Our legal fees are based on success and milestones. This means that we take a reasonable amount for our legal services and the rest is only charged to you if your application is successful. We understand this is a life changing application for you and access to a lawyer is often costly and limited.  Our fees are clear and you can be assured that you pay for what you deserve.


3. We are also immigrants

We come from a family of immigrants, we have shared your difficulties and we were one of you. We understand the stress of immigrating to a new country as well as the complicated paperwork that follows. We are here to take this stress and uncertainty off your shoulders so you can focus on living your new life in Canada.

4. We don’t make any false promises

When it sounds too good to be true, it’s probably false. This has been a common recurrence in Canadian immigration news where representatives are lying to their clients about their chances of immigrating to Canada. At AZ Law Firm, we will evaluate your file and give you an honest opinion on your chances of immigration. We won’t promise you anything that we cannot achieve.


5. We will take care of your application from A to Z.

When you become our client, you are not speaking to an assistant or a third party who is not actively involved in your application. Alex and Zheng will personally take care of your application from beginning to end. You are hiring us for our experience and our name, we are proud to represent you ourselves.

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