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Temporary Resident Visa Applications

Foreign nationals are eligible for a short term stay in Canada under the following categories:


Visitor Visa


  • Depending on your country of citizenship, you may require a visitor visa to enter Canada.  Some visa-exempt foreign nationals still require an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to fly or transit through Canada.

  • Visitor visas can have different duration depending on your interest of stay in Canada.  As a visitor, you are eligible to enroll in a language course (English or French) in Canada without a study permit, for any language programs under six months.


  • Supervisas can be issued to your parents or grandparents to stay with you in Canada for a maximum of 2 years per visa if you meet the financial requirements.



Student Visa


  • Canada ranks among one of the highest in quality educational institutions around the world.


  • Depending on your qualifications, various programs are available to you to enhance your education and may allow you to apply for various permanent immigration programs once you have completed your studies.


  • You may apply for vocational studies, undergrad studies and post graduate studies.


  • Upon graduation, students may also be eligible to receive a post-graduate work permit that will allow them to gain Canadian Work Experience. Work experience gained through the post-graduation work permit may also support student’s application for permanent residence.

Work Permit


  • If you have a potential employer in Canada, you may be able to come to work and gain Canadian work experience.  Gaining work experience in Canada may also allow you to apply for permanent residency in Canada through multiple immigration programs.

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