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Business Law

We provide simple and all-inclusive business law services at a flat fee. 

Business Incorporation

As a business owner, you may separate yourself from personal liability for business debt and obligations. Other than limited liability, another advantage of incorporation is the tax rate benefit. Corporations are taxed at different rates than personal income and may also distribute this income as dividends or salary. 

Our incorporation services include the following:

-Choosing a legal name

-Legal advice on choice of jurisdiction (Provincial vs. Federal)

-Paperwork related to the incorporation procedure
(reserve your company name, company statutes,

shareholder’s agreement, payment of government fees, etc.)

-Minute book : Shareholder’s registry, officers, by-laws, etc.


- GST/ PST Tax registration

Shareholder's Agreement

The shareholder's agreement is a legal document regulating the issuance, transfer, and sale of the company's shares. For example, if you are offering your shares for sale, the shareholder's agreement will dictate the terms and legality of the sale. 


We can draft a customized shareholder agreement that describes the rights and obligations of each class of shareholders and meets your individual needs. We will advise you on the different types of clauses that you should consider including in the agreement, such as right of first refusal, insurance clauses, penal clauses, shareholder buybacks, shotgun clauses, etc.

Business Structure

During the incorporation procedure,  we can help you draft and decide on the following: 

  • The name of the company

  • The by-laws

  • Resolutions

  • Issuance of share certificates

  • What types and classes of shares to have available

  • What types and classes of shares to actually issue

  • Determine the directors of the corporation

  • Determine the officers of the corporation

  • Set restrictions on the business the company can conduct

  • Set restrictions on how and to whom a shareholder can sell or give shares to

  • Transfer of shares when necessary

  • Any other specific rules to your corporation

Minute Book

We provide a physical minute book which will include  the complete business structure of your company in the correct legal format.

Contract drafting and review

The legal implications of contracts is often hard for the average person to fully understand. We are adamant about the importance of well-drafted contracts with parties that you do business with such as vendors, suppliers, distributors, retailers and especially your own customers.


We can help you review and revise your existing contracts to ensure that your business and its rights are protected. We can also draft customized contracts for any services or customer relations you may require.

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