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Validated Job Offer Application

A validated job offer is a permanent offer of employment from an employer in Quebec which has been "accepted" by Immigration Quebec. In order for the job offer to be accepted, you need to show Immigration Quebec that your employer meets the requirements and eligibility to employ you and that you have the relevant skills and experience for the position.

Once Immigration Quebec  has accepted validated job offer, you may receive 8 (Montreal) or up to 14 (rest of Quebec) additional
points to your Quebec skilled workers selection factors points grid.

Who can apply?


There are two scenarios in which you may be eligible to apply for a validated job offer in Quebec:


1. You are already working for an employer in Quebec.


2. A Quebec employer is offering you a full-time permanent job.



If you are already working legally for your employer (option 1), then your employer will not have to show recruitment efforts / advertising your job position in the application .


Other requirements


Furthermore, these requirements are mandatory for all validated job offer applications:


  • Your employer needs to have been in business in Quebec for at least a year

  • You must meet the requirements to fulfill the job (certificate of qualifications or regulated fields)

  • Your employer must offer you a salary that is equivalent or higher than the national average for your years of experience in the field.

  • Recruitment efforts and advertising the job for other Canadians (waived if you are already working)



What happens after the validated job offer is accepted?


Once your validated job offer has been approved by Immigration Quebec, you will be invited to submit an application for a CSQ (Quebec Selection Certificate) under the Quebec skilled Workers Program online portal, commonly known as Mon Projet Québec.


Your application will benefit from priority processing times since you have a positive validated job offer.

How many points will a validated job offer give me?

The number of points will depend on the location of the job as less points are given for the greater Montreal region and more points are giving for regional areas (see graph below).

Can I use the validated job offer for Express Entry?

No, the validated job offer is not valid for Express Entry and does not grant you a work permit once it is accepted.

How we can help

  • Collect sensitive documents from your employer. The financial statements required from your employer may be confidential and information that is considered too sensitive for your employer to share with you. We can bridge the situation as lawyers benefit from attorney-client privilege, we will ensure to keep your employer's information strictly confidential and facilitate the application process.

  • Submit the application in a timely manner.  You may find yourself overwhelmed by the application procedure and you likely want to submit your application before new  regulation changes your eligibility to apply.  We will ensure your application is submitted as soon as possible.

  • Take care of the advertising. If you are overseas and you are subject to the advertising requirements, we can take care of all the job postings that are required to ensure your employer's ads are adequate.

  • Monitor your application. Once your application is submitted, you may receive requests to provide additional information or documents to prove the information provided in your application. You do not want to miss any deadlines or requests from immigration officers.  We will monitor your application so you don't miss any important deadlines.

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