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EXPLAINED: Simplified LMIA process to obtain a WORK PERMIT in Québec

If you are looking for a work permit in Québec and you have an employer who is willing to help you through the procedure, you might be eligible for the simplified Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) process.

Simplified means that the procedures and processing times for you to obtain the work permit are reduced in order to facilitate your work permit application. For example, some requirements such as advertising the job for other Canadians, are waived in the simplified process.

The simplified or facilitated LMIA process is aimed towards professions in high demand as well as industry sectors that are currently experiencing labour shortages in Quebec. This list of professions and industry sectors is continuously updated and revised throughout the year.

If your occupation falls under the list below, your requirements such as advertising and transition plan for the LMIA application will be simplified.

Here is the list of occupations and their NOC (National Occupation Code) that currently qualify for the simplified LMIA work permit applications:


Click on each occupation to see if your job duties and employment requirements match the listed one.

You can also visit IRCC's website to find out more about the facilitated LMIA procedure:

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