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How to Immigrate to Canada through the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program is an Immigration partnership between the Government of Canada and four Atlantic Canadian provinces:

-New Brunswick

-Nova Scotia

-Prince Edward Island

-Newfoundland and Labrador

The program is focused at offering Canadian permanent residency for foreign nationals who get job offers from designated employers in those provinces. Unlike the Express Entry program, the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program is aimed at three categories of immigrants:

1. High-skilled workers (NOC 0, A, B)

2. Intermediate-skilled workers (NOC C)

3. International graduates (from an Atlantic province)

How does it work?

​The application process can be confusing as it is a fairly new program that requires a little more effort from the applicant. Here are the 5 steps to apply for the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program:

1. Make sure you meet the minimum work experience (1 year), education (high school) and language (CLB 4) requirements

2. Find a full-time job offer (at least 30 hours)

3. Obtain a settlement plan from a settlement service organization. The settlement plan is a "needs assessment" for you and your family which is intended to help you settle in Canada.

4. Apply for a "certificate of endorsement" from the Atlantic province. Your employer will send your settlement plan to the Atlantic province in order to get your job offer endorsed.

5. Apply for Canadian permanent residence. You may also apply for a temporary work permit to start working while you are waiting for permanent residence status.

This instructions video made by Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada explains the application process:

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