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Refused visitor visa, what happens next?

If you submitted a visitor visa application to Canada and it was refused, it is important to know that this refusal may have an impact on future applications you make to Canada.

When you make an application for a visitor visa, the immigration officer will be assessing a series of personal factors which will determine the outcome of your application. Some of these factors are your ties to your home country, your previous travel history, your current employment, the motives of your visit to Canada, etc.

Since the main reason you are coming to Canada is to visit, you must support your application with sufficient proof that your motive is actually a visit to Canada and not an attempt to stay permanently.

Furthermore, Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) holds a unique internal file number for each individual applying for Immigration. Every time you submit an application to IRCC, the history of your previous applications may be reviewed by the immigration officer. It is important that any information you submit to IRCC is accurate and true.

Therefore, we advise that you consult a qualified immigration lawyer about your refusal letter and reasons you received from IRCC. Your lawyer can help you understand the legal context behind your visa refusal as well as offering you solutions to address the refusal in your next application.

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