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Fast Work Permits obtained through Global Talent Stream

This update comes in 2 months after our last post regarding the Global Talent Stream.

The Global Talent Stream is aimed at applicants whose occupations are listed on the Global Talent Occupations List.

Applicants in this category may receive a Work Permit in just 2 weeks of processing time.

Navneet Bains, Canadian Minister of innovation, science and economic development, has mentioned that "the feedback from the private sector has been very positive".*

As CBC news reported, more than 1600 applicants have obtained work permits since the start of the program; some applicants even obtained approval of their application after 10 days.*

The requirements for the Global Talent Stream can be quite confusing, so we decided to give you a simplified version of what you and your employer need to do in order to apply.


1. All applications will have to be assessed by the Temporary Foreign Worker Program to determine if your employer's business is active, if there is a reasonable need to hire you and that they have the means to hire you.

2. Provide a detailed job description which supports the need to hire you as an employee.

3. Provide a copy of the company's municipal/provincial business licence.

4. Provide the latest financial statements of the company

5. Complete a Labour Market Benefit Plan

6. Offer a wage that is similar to a wage paid to a Canadian hired for the same job and work location, and with similar skills and years of experience.

7. Pay the processing fee of $1,000 CAD

Employee / Applicant

1. Ability to demonstrate that your occupation is part of the listed occupations in the Global Talent Stream.

Here are the listed occupations:

NOC 0213: Computer and Information System Managers

NOC 2147: Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers)

NOC 2171: Information systems analysts and consultants

NOC 2172: Database analysts and data administrators

NOC 2173: Software engineers and designers

NOC 2174: Computer programmers and interactive media developers

NOC 2175: Web designers and developers

NOC 2241: Electrical and electronics engineering technologists and technicians

NOC 2283: Information systems testing technicians

Sub-set of NOC 5131: producer, technical director, creative director, artistic director or project manager, with experience in at least one or more of the following skills relevant to the visual effects, video game or animation industries: surfacing and look development; character or simulation rigging; matte painting; or technical pipeline development and application for visual effects, video games, or animation production with at least 5 years of experience in one or a combination of these roles and meeting the salary requirements

Sub-set of NOC 5241: 3D modeling, virtual reality, augmented reality, digital media animation, levels editing for digital media design, software editing for digital media design, pipeline software development or applications relevant for digital media design with at least 5 years of experience in at least one of the listed digital media design fields.

Contact us if you would like to know more about the Global Talent Stream!

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