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Updates to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) has announced that it will be restructuring its economic immigration program in order to facilitate Canadian permanent residence for international students and entrepreneurs.

Starting in 2018, the MPNP will now have 4 different streams:

1. International Education

2. Skilled worker in Manitoba

3. Skilled worker overseas

4. Business investor

The International Education stream will be a new stream which looks to provide faster PNP nomination for applicants who graduate from Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics programs in Manitoba.

The Skilled worker in Manitoba stream will look to expand the recruitment of applicants who are already working in Manitoba with designated employers. This is also a way for Manitoba to hire and keep immigrant workers who graduate from training programs in the province.

As for the Skilled Worker Overseas stream, it will be directed towards nominating qualified applicants who are in the Express Entry program. MBPNP has mentioned that they will give priority to applicants who have connections in Manitoba such as a relative.

The Business Investor stream is aimed at applicants who are willing to start a business in Manitoba. Applicants can either purchase an existing business or start their own, for which the MBPNP will provide a letter of support for a temporary work permit. Priority will be given to applicants who start a business within the first 12 months of their arrival in Manitoba.

More information regarding the MBPNP can be found at:

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