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Immigration Canada is changing rules on Medical Inadmissibility

Canada's Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen has announced that Canada is looking to change Immigration rules that deny those who are sick or disabled to come to Canada, which is also known as Medical Inadmissibility.

Medical Inadmissibility has been a part of Canadian immigration policy for more than 40 years. Immigrants who want to come to Canada need to undergo medical examinations to see if their healthcare needs would represent excessive demand on the public health system.

Minister Hussen stated that the medical inadmissibility policy saves an estimated amount of $135 million of medical costs for a 5 year period, which represents only 0.1% of Canada's health care spending.

Furthermore, excluding applicants with disabilities and sicknesses is not part of Canada's values, which looks to include immigrants of all needs and cultures.

For now, the medical exams requirements for Canadian Immigration applications will continue to apply, but the Minister will look to review this requirement for future adjustments.

For more information regarding Minister Hussen's statements on medical inadmissibility, see this article posted by CBC news.

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