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How to re-apply after a refused visitor visa

If you applied for a visitor visa to Canada and your application was refused, you may consider one of the following options:

  • Appeal the decision made by the immigration officer

  • Re-apply for another visitor visa with better supporting documents

We recommend that you simply re-apply for a new visitor visa as it will be cheaper and often times quicker than the appeal.

Some key information to know if you decide to re-apply:

1. Your previous refusal will be noted on your file and any information you submitted will be available to the immigration officer making a decision

2. If you were refused, your letter will indicate the reasons for the refusal of your visitor visa, which are very important for your next application. You should address the reasons why you were refused and provide additional evidence in your next application.

3. The immigration officer will look at your financial ability to support yourself while you are in Canada for the amount of time that you would like to stay. If you are looking to stay for 6 months, you need to provide much more proof of funds than if you are only staying for 1 week.

4. You need to be able to show that you have ties to your country of residence and that your intent is to visit Canada only. Examples of ties are property that you own or having a job in your country of residence. You should be able to demonstrate that you have some sort of obligations back home.

5. You should demonstrate that you have a valid reason to travel to Canada such as a travel itinerary with booked accommodations or a special event.

6. If you make the decision to reapply, your chances will be more favorable if you have new evidence and new circumstances. If you provide the same documentation as your refusal, there simply isn't any reason for the officer to accept your application.

7. You should also consider applying for an ATIP request (Access to Information and Privacy) which will show you the notes taken by the immigration officer while making a decision on your application.

We believe that the visitor visa application should be carefully prepared as the consequences of a refusal will remain on your file.

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