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Quebec Skilled Workers 2018 Update

The Quebec Skilled Workers program has announced a few updates for the future of the program and the processing time of submitted applications.

For applicants outside Canada who submitted their applications through the Quebec Skilled Workers' first come first serve lottery, the processing time has started in June of 2017 and certain candidates have already received their CSQ.

The Ministry of Immigration of Quebec also mentions that the following factors will affect the processing time of applicants:

  • Government Selection objectives

  • Volume of applications received

  • International context

  • Conformity of the documents submitted

  • Response time to government requests

  • Proof of french proficiency

  • Notice of appointment for selection interview

Finally, the most important news of this recent update is that there will be a new immigration system for the Quebec Skilled Workers Program.

The first come first serve system will no longer exist, Quebec will select applicants based on candidates that meet the needs of the province. We can speculate that the new system will be similar to the Express Entry program for federal skilled workers.

Immigration Quebec has also announced that the new system would considerably reduce the average processing times, but this is definitely speculative in our opinion.

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