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How to obtain a Closed Work Permit (Employer Specific) in Canada?

If you are outside of Canada and looking to work in Canada, you are most likely looking to obtain a closed Work Permit with or without a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). This is also commonly referred to as an Employer-Specific Work Permit.

Although the closed work permit limits you to one employer, it provides an opportunity to come to Canada temporarily and experience Canadian living before applying for permanent residence. Furthermore, having worked for at least a year in Canada will give you an advantage if you are applying for permanent residency.

Limits to the Closed Work Permit:

As an employer specific work permit holder, your work permit will hold the following limitations:

  • Name of the employer you can work for

  • How long you can work for this employer

  • Location where you can work (if applicable)

Who can obtain a closed work permit?

  • Academics

  • Applicants who are part of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

  • Dancers, actors, orchestral musicians, opera singers or someone in a related job

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Film or television production workers

  • French speaking skilled workers who intend to work in a Francophone community outside Quebec

  • Intra-company transferees

  • Professional Athlete or coach

  • Provincial Nominated applicants who have a job offer

  • Religious worker or someone doing charitable work

  • Repair or maintenance worker for industrial or commercial equipment

  • Researchers at certain Canadian institutions

  • Start-up Visa program applicants

  • Workers under a federal-provincial/territorial agreement

A Labour Market Impact Assessment is usually not required if you are listed in the occupations above.

What if I am not in the occupations listed above?

If you don't fit any of the categories listed above, you are still eligible to obtain an employer-specific work permit. However, you will need to obtain a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) beforehand.

The LMIA shows Immigration Canada that your employer was not able to find a Canadian worker for your job and thus, needs to hire a foreign worker.

Am I eligible to apply for a closed work permit?

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on your eligibility to apply for a work permit

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