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2019 will be the year to sponsor your parents or grandparents!

The government of Canada has announced that it will increase the number of applications accepted under the parents and grandparents sponsorship category in 2019. This is great news for permanent residents and citizens of Canada who are looking to reunite with their families.

The new changes in the parents and grandparents sponsorship program can be justified by the fact that the processing of past applications has been streamlined and more efficient. It is also in line with Immigration Canada's priority of reunifying families in Canada.

Important changes to the parental sponsorship program:

  • The number of accepted applications will now increase to 20,000 applications starting in 2019. This is a substantial increase as compared to 2018, where the maximum number of applications is 17,000 and 2014, where the cap was set at 5000 applications.

  • The intake system is changing from a random lottery system to a "first come first serve" basis, ensuring more stability and predictability for families

  • The procedure will be similar, which means that there will be an "Interest to Sponsor" form available to all at the beginning of the year. Immigration Canada should invite the first 20,000 applicants to submit an application to sponsor their parents or grandparents.

  • The parents and grandparents application intake should be increased to 21 000 in 2020.

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