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FREE guide to your Express Entry application

The most important aspect of your Canadian Immigration application through the Express Entry stream is to fully understand the program and realistically weigh your chances of success. Doing so will save you a considerable amount of money, time and direct you towards the appropriate path to Canadian Immigration.

Once you are able to understand the requirements of the program and decide to apply for Express Entry, take a look at our 10 step checklist which can hopefully save you some time and prevent you from making a misrepresentation mistake.

We are commonly contacted by clients who have made mistakes in their application (unknowingly) and to resolve this issue, we have decided to compile a free Guide to Express Entry.

This guide is written in the form of a 10 step checklist which is to be used in preparation for your Express Entry application as well as your Invitation to Apply for permanent residence.

The knowledge we are sharing in this guide is the compilation of the most common application mistakes that we have witnessed throughout the years. There are certainly many other application mistakes that you can make while applying for Express Entry by yourself.

Why is it free?

AZ Law Firm understands that not everyone is looking for a lawyer to submit their immigration applications. We provide this guide for applicants who are looking for practical information as they are preparing their own applications. There are also applicants locked in contracts with immigration consultants or other law firms who are not giving them the proper advice. This 14 page guide is intended to remind you that we have the expertise and knowledge to submit a successful application.

What If I already submitted my application?

If you notice that you have made a mistake, it is still possible to update your Express Entry application if you are already in the pool of applicants, as long as you provide accurate information. You can certainly use this guide to double check if you have made on of the 10 common mistakes!

What should I consider?

The free Express Entry guide is not intended to be legal advice, it is written only for informational purposes and AZ Law Firm is not responsible for any of the actions that you take. We recommend that you use this guide only to understand the basics of the Express Entry program and avoid some common mistakes.

If you feel like there are any uncertainties in your application, we strongly recommend you to book a consultation with us to clear your doubts.

Free Express Entry Guide

Follow the link below to download our Free Express Entry Guide:

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