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6 reasons to get a Validated Job Offer in 2019

The validated job offer application is becoming a crucial part of Quebec Immigration as it gives the opportunity for non-french speakers to qualify for the Quebec Skilled Workers Program.

For newcomers to Canada, it is much easier to find a job in your field of expertise than to learn a new language, especially when you are limited to a 3 year post-graduate work permit.

When we encounter applicants that tell us there is no way for them to learn French at an intermediate-advanced level (B2) to qualify for the PEQ, we usually invite them to consider the validated job offer application.

The current Quebec government has also announced that it would give priority under the new Bill 9 to applicants who hold a validated job offer, making it a safe bet for the upcoming opening of the ARRIMA portal.

Here are the 6 reasons to get a validated job offer:

1. Bonus points for Selection Grid

In order to qualify for the Quebec skilled workers program, applicants need a minimum of 50 points if they are single and 59 if they are a family. Many candidates are not able to meet the minimum threshold, but the validated job offer can give between 8 to 14 bonus points depending on the location of the job. Jobs in the greater area of Montreal receive 8 bonus points and jobs outside the area can receive up to 14 points.

2. Priority processing time

If you have an accepted validated job offer, your application for a Certificat de Sélection du Québec (CSQ) through the Quebec skilled workers program will be processed in priority. Considering the amount of applicants that have already submitted ARRIMA applications (approximately 90,000 submitted applications according to the Ministry of Immigration) and the limited quota of accepted applications, the validated job offer will be crucial tool for priority selection.

3. No status required

You do not need a valid status in Canada to apply for a validated job offer. If you are not already employed, your employer will have to advertise the position to offer it to Canadians first. If you are already employed, you will need to show that you possess the skills and qualifications to occupy your job.

4. No french required

Unlike the PEQ program, there is no french language requirement in order to obtain a validated job offer. However, candidates do need to prove they have the skills and education to perform the job duties of the job.

5. Any job (or NOC code) is accepted

For the federal skilled workers program (Express Entry), applicants need to prove that they have work experience in skilled occupations (NOC 0, A, B). For the validated job offer application, any NOC code is accepted which means you do not need to worry about the nature of your job, you simply need to be qualified to occupy it.

6. Applications are accepted today with no quotas

If you have an employer that is willing to assist you or if you are already working for an employer, you may submit the validated job offer application today. The new Quebec government is currently processing the validated job applications and we already know they are willing to prioritize these applications for selection. There are currently no quotas for validated job offer applications and the processing time takes about 3-4 months.

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