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Validated Job Offers are receiving invitations in ARRIMA

With Bill 9 coming officially into legislation, it's time for the Quebec Skilled Workers program to open again. Since July 4th, 2019, we have seen invitations to applicants who had a previous ongoing Mon Projet application.

On July 17th, we saw another draw in the ARRIMA portal that targeted many applicants with a validated job offer. This means that those who applied for a validated job offer prior to the opening of the Quebec Skilled Workers program have seen their efforts rewarded with an invitation to apply for a Certificat de Sélection du Québec (CSQ).

This confirms that validated job offers do benefit from priority processing as regular applciations will not be selected until January 2020.

What is the validated job offer application?

A validated job offer is a permanent offer of employment from an employer in Quebec which has been "accepted" by Immigration Quebec. In order for the job offer to be accepted, you need to show Immigration Quebec that your employer meets the requirements and eligibility to employ you and that you have the relevant skills and experience for the position.

Once Immigration Quebec has accepted validated job offer, you may receive 8 (Montreal) or up to 14 (rest of Quebec) additional points to your Quebec skilled workers selection factors points grid.

How long does it take to process?

Depending on the volume of applications received by Immigration Quebec, it can take approximately 3-4 months to receive a decision on your validated job offer application. Once it is validated, you will be able to link an accepted offer with your ARRIMA declaration of interest application.

What if my employer doesn't want to show me their documents?

The financial statements required from your employer may be confidential and information that is considered too sensitive for your employer to share with you. We can bridge the situation as lawyers benefit from attorney-client privilege. We will ensure to keep your employer's information strictly confidential and facilitate the application process.

How long will it take to get an invitation?

No one knows this (except the government). As of today, we have only experienced one specific ARRIMA draw targeting validated job offers.

If the validated job offer is accepted, can I get a work permit?

No, the validated job offer application is strictly intended to facilitate your Quebec Skilled Workers application, it does not grant you a work permit and it separate from the LMIA application.

Can I use the validated job offer for Express Entry?

No, an accepted validated job offer is not intended to be linked in any way to Express Entry.

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